Consulting and implementation

ITA advises you as a company in the private and social sector on the following objectives:

Get digitally fit

You want to make your company "fit" in terms of digitalization?

Would you like to use the opportunities offered by digitisation to optimise processes or to relieve the burden on employees?

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Working healthy

Your employees are at their maximum stress level?

You would like to march into the future as a "healthy company"?

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Networked work

Do you rely on cooperation and networking instead of lone wolves?

What synergies are available to you?

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Future-oriented leadership and cooperation

Your company should become more competitive and innovative?

Which approaches of leadership and cooperation are then forward-looking?

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Finding and retaining skilled workers

Are you already suffering from a shortage of skilled workers?

You want to increase the attractiveness of your company?

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Sustainable management

Do you want to act in a socially responsible manner as a company or municipality?

What are the concrete approaches for you?

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Shaping inclusion

Would you like to make a contribution to occupational and social inclusion?

Do you want to learn about outstanding approaches in this respect?

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Moving ahead together

Do you understand improvement processes not as "top down predetermined", but as a joint design task?

Then you are right with us!

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