We introduce ourselves

The Institute for Technology and Work (ITA) is a human factors, ergonomics and economic research institution with the recognition as an affiliated institute of the Technical University of KaiserslauternIt is organised as a registered association with a charitable purpose and is managed by a four-member board of directors and supported by a Scientific Steering Committee . The Institute's funding organisations and customers include federal and state ministries as well as companies in the private and social sectors. Between 25 and 30 academic and non-academic staff members from various disciplines work together at ITA.

ITA's main field of activity is research and development for people and organisations. This means that ITA is concerned with the current and future requirements for the successful design of companies, non-profit and public organizations as well as their responsibility towards their employees, customers and society.

Current challenges are, for example, in dealing with demographic change in connection with a personnel policy that is more strongly oriented towards the life phase as well as a changed supply and demand for skilled workers, the globalisation of value-added networks and sales markets or the digitalisation of work, production and consumption processes. Concrete strategies and measures must be developed for the future-proof management of these complex interrelationships, but suitable instruments, methods and indicators must also be available. The examination of these research and development tasks essentially determines the work of the scientists at ITA.