Strengthened resilience in manufacturing SMEs through agile, human-centered digital systems and systems design (READI)

The READI research project pursues the goal of enabling companies to identify, establish, anchor and harmonize the structures, processes and technical prerequisites required for sustainable and continuous change capability within the framework of a multi-stage change model including a set of measures.


BETA-MeH - participation in working life with focus on the needs of people with acquired brain damage

ITA scientifically accompanies the project BETA-MeH of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (German Pension Insurance). The project is about the return to work of people with acquired brain damage. This is realized through accompanying case management and a consistent orientation on the individual concerns of the target group and the respective job requirements.


V-I-T - Networking - Interaction - Participation

Das Projekt beschäftigt sich mit dem Aufbau einer innovativen Organisationsstruktur inkl. umfassender Vernetzung sowie der Erprobung innovativer Einzelleistungen. Das Vorhaben fokussiert sich darauf die Erwerbsfähigkeit gesundheitlich stark belasteter Leistungsberechtigter zu erhalten oder wiederherzustellen sowie deren gesellschaftliche und berufliche Teilhabe zu verbessern.


in.arbeit – digital

The project takes advantage of digitalisation in such a way that a sheltered workshop for people with disabilities can achieve a higher degree of decentralisation while at the same time maintaining economic efficiency and thus create new / additional participation opportunities for employees with disabilities in the social context as well as higher-quality occupational participation.



The WORKFORCE project is concerned with the development of a further education network in the sanitary, heating and air conditioning (SHAC) sector.



BELVEDERE provides a platform to identify, further develop and share good examples of support for people with disabilities in the transition from school education or vocational training to employment using information and communication technologies (ICT).


Current offers

Wir unterstützen Sie (auch) in Umbruchzeiten! Gerne bieten wir Ihnen unsere Leistungen an, um ihr Unternehmen widerstandsfähig zu machen und bewährte Arbeitsweisen weiterzuentwickeln.


Lectures and coachings for auditors and rehab consultants of the Federal Pension Insurance

Employees of the audit service and rehabilitation consultants of the German Pension Insurance Association (Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund) are supported at nine locations in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Baden-Württemberg through lectures and coaching on workplace-related challenges.


Changing Role of Specialist Provision in Supporting Inclusive Education – Evaluation of Phase 2

The Changing Role of Specialist Provision in Supporting Inclusive Education (CROSP) project is focusing on the re-organisation of specialist, separate provision (schools, classes and units) and the perceived shift in the role of such provision to support the right to inclusive education for all learners.


Education, counselling and coaching : redesigning organisations: Self-organized and motivated!

The Caritasverband für die Erzdiözese Freiburg e.V. supports the Rückenwind+ project "Redesigning Organisations: Selbstorganisiert + Motiviert!" (Self-organized + Motivated!), the Caritas Association for the Archdiocese of Freiburg e.V. supports ten project locations (local Caritas associations, professional associations and sponsors of Caritas facilities) in implementing self-organized teams.


Digital Teams

The overall objective of the project is to counteract the rural exodus in Germany by improving the employment opportunities for knowledge workers in rural areas.


Virtual Cluster Academy

The aim of the project was to investigate to what extent the development of a systematic training and further education offer in the form of a Virtual Cluster Academy can close current gaps in offers for cluster managers.



The aim of the project was to develop a potential analysis for the use of Big Data technologies for the application areas "Strategic Government Foresight" and "Science Communication".



The project dealt with the consequences of climate change on municipal business locations, municipal infrastructure and the companies located there, their value creation processes and employees.


Organisational resilience

Organisational resilience enables companies not only to survive crises or times of high pressure to change, but also to use them for further development towards improved sustainability in the sense of growth/strengthening.