We support you (also) in times of change

Companies and organizations should be well prepared for the changing events in their environment. However, not everything can be foreseen, new challenges are coming their way. The current situation made it necessary, for example, to switch to a home office quickly and easily. But how can this be achieved and what does it mean for the culture of cooperation? Are all processes already in place? What do the employees actually want to take over for the future?

We would be pleased to offer you our services to make your company resistant and to further develop proven working methods. The following services are currently in particular demand:

Managing through the crisis:

  • Coaching for managers. In their role as crisis managers, executives are particularly challenged. We use proven coaching methods to talk to you, develop questions of posture and train leadership communication in times of crisis.

Mobile work for everyone:

  • Support for the introduction of mobile working in your organisation; by involving managers and employees in new forms of collaboration, best practices of digital teamwork can be trained, communication channels and standards can be defined and employee needs can be taken into account. We would be happy to come to you - whether virtual or real.

Tool selection made right:

  • Support for the Requirement determination and introduction of digital tools. How do I capture our requirements for a communication and collaboration tool in terms of functionality, usability and integration into our system landscape? We help you with the requirements analysis to find the right providers for digital media and to involve the users right from the start. Then nothing stands in the way of implementation.

Distributed working in times of social distancing:

  • Quick polls of your employees' satisfaction with the working methods in times of Covid-19, their wishes and suggestions for improvement, adapted to your specific requirements; implemented online and quickly evaluated, we provide you with a picture of the mood of your staff and thus an important decision-making aid for the next steps

With our support you can also use existing funding opportunities (e.g. INNOTOP and INNOSTART), to develop your organization together with us!

If you are interested, please contact us.

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Dr. Vanessa Kubek