Brief description of the field of competence

In the competence field "Demography", solutions for coping with the effects of demographic change are researched and applied, especially at the level of companies. In short, demographic change means: "We are getting less, older and more colourful!" Companies are thus faced with the challenges of significantly increased competition for junior staff and skilled workers and, as the average age of the workforce rises, the need to do something to maintain the employability of employees. Workplace health promotion, diversity, a highly attractive employer and an appreciative corporate culture that offers a high degree of compatibility between work and family life are therefore core issues of corporate sustainability.


The target group of the research activities are those companies that are particularly affected or already affected by demographic change and its challenges. Projects here focus, for example, on craft businesses, but also on companies in the social and health care sector, which are already suffering from a sometimes drastic shortage of skilled workers. The aim of the research is to develop solutions for the analysis of demographic stability. In addition to a high degree of employee orientation, special emphasis is placed on an optimal balance between easy applicability in business practice and scientific quality and validity. Further activities include the scientific monitoring of research projects, for example as an external evaluator.

Further education & teaching

There are currently no courses in the competence field "Demography". If interested, there is the possibility of setting up a qualification work in one of the projects of the competence field. Current projects, diverse company contacts and extensive existing data offer the opportunity to conduct qualification work with high social relevance and practical relevance.

Consulting & implementation

A range of support services are available for companies, social and public institutions, which have been tested in projects and have achieved very good results:

  • Demography benchmarking: A comprehensive analysis of numerous aspects of sustainable human resources management and corporate culture is the perfect starting point for data-based, targeted strategy development
  • Employee survey: Less extensive than demographic benchmarking, a survey of the workforce offers a low-threshold entry into an improvement process. The survey fulfils the important task of showing appreciation for the employees and motivating them to embark on the change process.
  • Foresight & environment analysis: With the help of various methods, the sustainable positioning and strategic orientation of the company is analysed. In addition to internal company structures, future developments in the market and the company's environment play a decisive role.
  • Age structure analysis: A self-developed (and therefore license-free) tool can be used to analyze the age structure of the workforce and the expected future development. The tool takes into account numerous other risk factors and supports the implementation of forward-looking personnel planning.
  • Strategy development & implementation support: We offer any desired scope, from short-term support in setting up a project team and initiating a strategy process to several years of intensive monitoring of strategy development and implementation of measures. An important basic corporate attitude is always a high degree of employee orientation and an optimal balance of economic and social sustainability.

Reference projects

A3Regio, Zenit, ZenitPlus, DemoBench I-VI, Zukunftsfähige Arbeit, consulting Schmiedel, consulting Offenbach, age structure analysis in the city of Kaiserslautern, survey at Ökumenisches Gemeinschaftswerk, evaluations for BMAS, St. Hedwig, Reha-Westpfalz etc.

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