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How can organisations prepare for a future that is unpredictable?
How can organisations be motivated to actively shape the future?

The future can be shaped, but dealing with uncertainty is unavoidable. The competence field addresses the increase of resilience and adaptability of organisations to current and future challenges.

Being future-proof also means facing up to the changing times. Successful transformation processes and resilient organisations are based on a balance between organisational flexibility and stability.

We support our partners in recognising the importance of change for their organisations and accompany them in the planning and implementation of transformation processes - professionally and methodically, participatively and implementation-oriented.

To do this, we rely in our research and consulting projects on scientifically based methods of foresight as well as on our many years of experience in the field of participatory and systemic organisational development.


  • Company Talks of the Rhineland-Palatinate Initiative for the Future (ZIRP) "Strengthened from Crises - Success Factors of the Resilient Company". on 30 November: Foresight as a success factor - How to protect yourself from surprises through anticipation

News from the competence field

3011, 2021

30. November, 2021|

Am 30. November beteiligt sich das ITA an den Unternehmensgesprächen der Zukunftsinitiative Rheinland-Pfalz (ZIRP) "Gestärkt aus Krisen – Erfolgsfaktoren eines resilienten Unternehmens" mit einem Beitrag zum [...]

1211, 2021

12. November, 2021|

In November 2021, the Foresight study on continuing education: Opportunities and risks for the participation of the low-skilled in digitisation from the perspective of continuing education and training providers (FORWARD) was launched.

Projects in this competence field


Dipl.-Sozialwiss., Mag. rer. publ. Andreas Weßner

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