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Brief description of the field of competence

In its actions, projects and consulting services, the competence field of inclusion is oriented towards the guiding principle of an inclusive society.


In publicly funded research projects of the Federal Government, the Länder, the EU and/or the European Social Fund, we are looking for approaches to improve the equal and self-determined participation of disadvantaged groups of people in education and employment. We evaluate already implemented measures, usually also on behalf of the public sector, with regard to their effectiveness and sustainability and thus provide important findings for the implementation and further development of publicly funded offers.


Social changes require far-reaching decisions from social economy enterprises, associations and networks. We advise and support institutions and agencies for the disabled, nursing, health care and others in implementing future-oriented change processes. As in all fields of competence of ITA, it is a central concern of ours to involve all relevant groups of people and users in the further development of organisations in order to achieve sustainable and profitable changes.

News from the field of competence Inclusion

503, 2020

It’s just technology – isn’t it? (German / English)

Since a number of years, organisations active in vocational education and training (VET) throughout Europe try to become more inclusive, as to implement high quality education for all citizens. Recently, digitalisation gained relevance on their agenda as well, as it is considered the cornerstone of the digital transformation of EU business and society with the promise of an enormous growth potential for Europe. However, the digital transformation of VET proved itself to be far more complex than just to procure and use pieces of information and communication technology (ICT). Due to this complexity, VET organisations find themselves in the dilemma to either split their resources or drop one of their ambitious goals. The ERASMUS+ project EICON found a third option, discarding this “either-or” restriction, and identified synergies between inclusion and digitalisation in VET. First results to be used by VET organisations are now available.

Projects in the Inclusion competence area


Changing Role of Specialist Provision in Supporting Inclusive Education – Evaluation of Phase 2

The Changing Role of Specialist Provision in Supporting Inclusive Education (CROSP) project is focusing on the re-organisation of specialist, separate provision (schools, classes and units) and the perceived shift in the role of such provision to support the right to inclusive education for all learners.

Contact person

Dipl.-Pflegewirtin Annette Blaudszun-Lahm
Senior Research Assistant


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