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European Network of Excellence in Information Society Technologies for Special Educational Needs (SEN-IST-NET) (nur in englischer Sprache)


01.07.2001 - 31.12.2003

Kurzbeschreibung des Projektes:

The main objective of SEN-IST-NET was to support the development of a culture of pedagogical and technological innovation in Europe, for the benefit of stakeholders in the area of Information Society Technology (IST) and for all learners, including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Through SEN-IST-NET, the knowledge resources of a wide range of researchers, professionals and practitioners have been made available to all actors through a variety of media and carefully structured activities. Most networking activities were mediated through the "virtual" space of a dedicated SEN-IST-NET web portal. A range of core services have been developed, including the SEN-IST-NET resource guide (in 13 languages) and a digital, full-text virtual library (in 3 languages). A high level of service on the internet web site ensures that data communication, collaboration in the web space, and dissemination activities are made accessible - also for persons with disabilities, complying with widely accepted accessibility guidelines.

In the context of SEN-IST-NET, ITA was a subcontractor to one of the project members, FORTH-ICS in Heraklion / Crete, Greece. ITA supported FORTH-ICS in the design and evaluation of the web portal. Specifically, ITA participated in the requirements specification phase to collect users’ needs and expectations regarding access to information and communication in the field of Special Needs Education and Information Society Technologies / Information and Communication Technologies. Furthermore, ITA elicited technologies available for use by the SEN-IST-NET project, and identified preferred modes of interaction in relation to users experience with Internet technologies.

The outcomes were used by FORTH-ICS designers to create the appropriate interface and functionality for the Web Portal. This specification was based on surveys in different European members states among individuals from the SEN and the IST / ICT fields, who are members of the SEN-IST-NET target groups. According to the principles of design for all, the process of designing and implementing the communication portal has continuous evaluation in all phases. The project paid specific attention to the design of the user interface because most users attribute a system’s overall utility with the usability and acceptability of its interface. Furthermore, the user interface had to conform to the same guidelines, that are promoted through the portal, e.g., ease of use, ease of learning, accessibility or usability for the largest possible audience. In this context, ITA evaluated prototypes and first demonstrators of the web portal and assessed them with respect to the requirements specification. Both qualitative and quantitative measures were provided to inform the technical development in relation to the requirements of the users.

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