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Inclusive Education in Action - IEA (nur in Englisch)


01.01.2010 - 31.12.2012

Kurzbeschreibung des Projektes:

The scope of the UNESCO ‘Policy Guidelines on Inclusion in Education’ document (which is the content base for this project) presents the key issues that need to be addressed if a country’s policy cycle of needs identification planning, implementation and monitoring for inclusive education is to be effectively enacted. The document, however, does not allow for specific examples of policy and practice for inclusive education to be listed. The goal of the project is to provide such examples through the development of an easily accessible resource base (here: dedicated web portal) that presents innovative examples of policy and practice for inclusive education that exemplify and clearly illustrate the Suggested Actions. The target group of this resource will be policy makers working to develop equity and equal opportunities within education systems globally.

The main output for the project will be a dedicated web portal providing all of the project information. This web portal will be developed by ITA.The entire web portal will be simple to use and will follow W3C/WAI guidelines on accessibility.

All examples database as part of the portal will be a practical tool to accompany the UNESCO Policy Guidelines document in supporting the development of countries’ inclusive education policy cycles. It will:

-          Follow the 13 areas of policy concerns;

-          Make use of already existing examples of policy and practice for inclusive education from European and non-European countries (non-technical requirement);

-          Present these examples in an easily accessible way;

-          Aim to act as a source of information and inspiration for educational policy makers in Europe and beyond in developing their policies for inclusive education (non-technical requirement).


A joint project conducted by the UNESCO EFA Secretariat
and the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education