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VDU based Workplaces for People with Motor Impairments


06-01-1994 - 08-31-1998

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Sheltered workshops for people with disability are facing an increase in employees with severe motor impairments. Due to the work traditionally performed in these workshops no appropriate tasks are available to let this target group fully participate in the workshop. However, as the cognitive capabilities of this target group is not affected by the disability, new opportunities to add jobs to the workshops’ profiles arise.

VDU (video display units) based workplaces can offer an opportunity to find suitable tasks for people with motor impairments, as manual skills are not required for operating computers. The availability of assistive devices for almost every type of disability allows the operation of computers on comparable terms as for people without disabilities. Missing or limited minute motor activity is not any longer the barrier that prevents full participation in the labour market.

The project consisted of two phases. The initial phase analysed the state of the art in the field, addressing especially recent technology developments, human computer interface (HCI) design issues, and software design. The second phase settled up VDU work divisions in two sheltered workshops for people with disabilities, elaborated the necessary training procedures for workshop staff, equipped barrier-free work places, selected appropriate hardware and software, issued guidelines and initiated first contracts with companies.

Several spin-off projects were initiated by this research, namely "Systematic qualification in sheltered workshops to enhance integration opportunities (CAPADAPT)", "Development of a health and safety assessment tool for VDU-based workplaces for people with and without disabilities (GEA)" and "E-business in sheltered workshops for people with disabilities".

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