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Research & Teaching

ITA performs studies, conducts research, and initiates and manages support activities in co-operation with industry, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), non-profit organizations, sheltered workshops for people with disabilities, public administrations and social organizations. The institute has established a set of core competencies which benefit current and future activities.

The research projects are characterized by a holistic approach.
"Holistic" is to be understood as:

  • an orientation towards relevant interest groups
  • striving for a balance between the resulting demands (as far as possible)
  • the basis of an integrative, system-oriented approach and
  • a sustainable, long-term orientation

Realizing this holistic application we are starting from the following premises:

  • Interdisciplinary analysis, evaluation and design,
  • participation of the people concerned as well as
  • process- and outcome-orientation.

The insitute's scientific and economic independence is provided by the prospective development of future relevant areas and by the further development of existing areas.

ITA's core competencies are to be found under "Fields of Competence" and current and past research projects are listed under "Projects".