Under the Federal Participation Act (§ 11 SGB IX) the possibility was created to carry out model projects to strengthen rehabilitation. The Jobcenter Frankfurt/Main participates in the corresponding support programme "rehapro" with the project "Pro Gesundheit - proGes. Aktivierung und Begleitung - Wiederherstellung der Teilhabe am Arbeitsleben durch Einzelcoaching und Gesundheitsprävention". The ITA is responsible for the scientific monitoring and evaluation of proGes.

ProGes pursues the goal of testing innovative services and/or measures that are suitable

  • to prevent a chronic illness or an imminent disability,
  • to maintain or restore earning capacity,
  • to counteract an imminent (partial) reduction in earning capacity,
  • to improve social and professional participation,
  • in child and youth rehabilitation, to eliminate a significant health hazard, or
  • to substantially improve or restore health, particularly that impaired by chronic diseases, insofar as this may have an influence on later earning capacity.

The target group of the project are customers of the Jobcenter Frankfurt who, despite formal employability, are not in a position to make adequate efforts for their recovery and have difficulties in applying for and accepting appropriate social benefits.

A health coaching system is to be established for this purpose. Through consistent support in the process of recovery and close networking with actors from the respective social sphere, impending reduction in earning capacity is to be prevented and chronic illnesses and impending disability effectively countered. The second focus is preventive and aims to convey health-conscious and socially integrative lifestyles to customers (and their families). The project also aims to increase the competence of integration professionals in dealing with health restrictions, through training courses and cooperation with coaches.

The scientific monitoring and evaluation by ITA covers a broad spectrum of objectives and methodological approach. Project set-up and project and team development are supported by a strongly demand-oriented and differentiated process of process monitoring. The evaluation has a formative and summative function. It takes into account the most diverse perspectives on the approach to support, including those of the target group itself, coaches and actors in the social space.

Project title

Pro Health - proGes
Activation and support - restoring participation in working life through individual coaching and health prevention

Duration: 01.11.2019 – 31.07.2024

Project partners

  • Jobcenter Frankfurt/Main


Contact person

Dr. Vanessa Kubek