Project Description

The aim of the project is to enable people with high assistance needs after school education to claim their right to vocational training. For this purpose, a model entry procedure in three phases was developed to remove the rather high barrier between day care centres and workshops for disabled people and thus create suitable framework conditions. In addition, network structures are to be established to further develop professional standards of vocational participation.

The effect of this process is scientifically evaluated by ITA. The hypothesis to be tested by the model project is The (theoretical) accompanying concept chosen in the model project and its implementation (in practice) are suitable for supporting selected participants from day care centres in such a way that after completion of participation a transition to the BBB of a workshop is possible within the framework of the usual procedure and regular financing.

The ITA follows a formative evaluation approach in order to help the actors involved to better understand why (or why not) something works (formative evaluation) through appropriate and scientifically sound data collection and procedures. Accordingly, the ITA provides the experts of the participating institutions with the data and information that are necessary and helpful for a timely follow-up in the direction of an improved achievement of objectives.

Project title

Model project to facilitate transitions from day care centres (Tafö) to the entrance procedure (EV) of a workshop for disabled people (WfbM) 

Duration: 01.08.2018 - 31.10.2020

Project partners

  • Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Freien Wohlfahrtspflege in Niedersachsen e.V. (Antragsteller)
  • Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Arbeit | Bildung | Teilhabe Niedersachsen
  • Lebenshilfe Hannover
  • DIAKOVERE Annastift Leben und Lernen gGmbH
  • GiB Hannover
  • Hannoversche Werkstätten gem. GmbH
  • Caritas-Werkstätten Hannover
  • Pestalozzi-Stiftung Hannover
  • Lebenshilfe Seelze e.V.
  • Paritätische Lebenshilfe Schaumburg-Weserbergland Stadthagen
  • Diakonie Himmelsthür Hildesheim


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Contact person

Dr. Harald Weber

Dr. Harald Weber