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Project brief

The aim of the evaluation of the effects of the funding principles for the participation of severely disabled people in working life of the Kommunalverband für Jugend und Soziales Baden-Württemberg (KVJS) is to provide findings on the extent to which the measures implemented to provide participants with qualifications close to the labour market can contribute to an improved participation situation. Based on the results of this study, professional standards can be reviewed and further developed.

The mission of the KVJS Integration Office is to promote the participation of severely disabled people in working life. The tasks of the Integration Office are the collection and use of the severely disabled equalisation charges, the special protection against dismissal for severely disabled persons and the accompanying assistance in working life, including information and education. In accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the professional participation of people with significant disabilities is to be realised as far as possible in the general labour market. The Office for Integration has been pursuing this approach since 2005 with various support instruments, so that by 2019 some 4,800 substantially disabled people will have found work on the general labour market subject to social insurance contributions. (Further information on the funding principles can be found here: https://www.kvjs.de/behinderung-und-beruf/foerderprogramme-und-projekte/ ). With these funding principles, the Integration Office supports the 44 city and rural districts in Baden-Württemberg in implementing the professional participation of people with disabilities.

In order to comprehensively deal with the various multi-perspective and interdisciplinary questions and to obtain differentiated findings for all aspects of the knowledge interest, a mix of methods from different partial studies is implemented. The approach focuses on quantitative hypothesis testing methods, which are supplemented by qualitative intensified studies . Quantitative methods are used to test hypotheses, determine the frequency and importance of influencing factors as well as correlations regarding the strength of the effects.

Aim of the method design is to provide comprehensive findings on the effects of the "work inclusive" funding principles and to analyse whether and to what extent

  • improved participation is achieved at different levels, in the professional as well as the general social context
  • significant positive effects on the development of professional skills and independence of the participants occur,
  • the participants' competence gains can be demonstrated,
  • an increase in the independence, self-esteem and self-determination of the participants can be observed,
  • an increase in the participants' career prospects and professional identity can be observed,
  • employment relationships arranged within the framework of the funding principles are sustainable, what number of cases and changes of employment relationships occur, and
  • how users assess the flexibility of the funding principles and the suitability of the offerings.

On a specially prepared accessible online platform you will find information accompanying the project as well as all questionnaires to fill out online.

Project title

Evaluation of the effects of the funding principles "Work Inclusive" - WiArIn - We are In!

Duration: 01.12.2019 – 30.06.2023


Contact person

Dr. Harald Weber
Chairman of the Board