Globalization and the topic of working conditions have been at the forefront of political, societal and economic discourse for many years. Various tools, guidelines and regulations emerged aiming to improve the situation. However, grievances are still present in supply chains of the Global South, e.g., inhumane working conditions, health hazards, wages below the poverty line, child labour or forced labour.

Ergonomics as a core discipline for designing work systems could substantially contribute to the improvement of working conditions in global supply chains with its proactive and preventive approach. The study aims to draw recommendations for ergonomics how it could develop its potential for meeting the challenges of globalization.

Project title

Ergonomics and working conditions in global supply chains

Duration: 01.01.2021 – 31.12.2021


Wolfgang Schultze Stiftung - Foundation for Social Responsibility in the Market Economy

Contact person

Dipl.-Komm.-Wirtin Marina Jentsch
Senior Research Assistant