Brief description

Do you know this one? Whether online order forms in purchasing, mobile devices in sales or digital control of machines - some employees thrive on the use of digital technology in the workplace, while others want to stick to the old ways.

This is of course not only a question of "young" and "old", but one should not forget: In Rhineland-Palatinate companies today, employees from up to four generations work together - with different skills and needs when using digital technologies in the workplace. To successfully bring them together was the aim of the project "Age-mixed digitisation teams".

By setting up digitisation teams in companies in Rhineland-Palatinate, possible reservations against "the new" were to be reduced and the competence of experienced employees was to be specifically included in the design of technology.

How did we proceed?

In our "People and Technology" maturity analysis, we took the state of the art of the companies and, together with the companies, derived recommendations for action in the fields of technology design, age-appropriate management and change culture.

Subsequently, we implemented demand-oriented training using digital technologies in the companies and supported them in setting up digitisation teams.

What was the benefit for the companies?

  1. You received an overview of your company's current level of maturity in the fields of technology design, age-appropriate management and change culture.
  2. The companies benefited from "aha effects" for younger and older employees in professionally moderated digitization teams.
  3. The companies received impulses for their further digitisation projects and cooperation in digitisation teams.
  4. They were given the opportunity to exchange and compare notes with other companies.

Es wurde im Laufe des Projektes aufgezeigt, welche Veränderungen erforderlich sind, um den digitalen Wandel erfolgreich für die Beschäftigten und das Unternehmen zu gestalten. Einen Einblick in die Ergebnisse erhalten Sie here.

Project title

Age-mixed digitisation teams

Duration: 01.01.2017 – 31.12.2017

Project partners

  • 6 small or medium-sized enterprises


Contact person

Dr. Regina Osranek
Senior Research Assistant