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Institut für Technologie und Arbeit

The ITA is a registered non-profit association and research institute at the University of Kaiserslautern. It was founded in 1995 and currently employs   approx. 30 junior and senior research assistants. The ITA combines basic research with interdisciplinary, application-oriented concepts for the analysis and design of work and organizations. Our research results are addressed to Manufacturing Companies, Service Companies, Non-Profit-Organizations, Healthcare Organizations and Public Administrations. The head of ITA, Professor Dr. Klaus J. Zink, was up to 2012 head of the Chair of Industrial Management and Human Factors at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. Subsequently he was appointed to the post of Senior Professor and will remain a member of the Department of Business Studies and Economics at the TU.  These continued close ties guarantee the cooperation and exchange in respect to research, teaching and implementation.

Within our research activities we are engaged in the reciprocal relations between humans and organisation. It is our aim to enable companies and organizations to adapt to changes such as globalization or demographic shift as smoothly as possible. Operational challenges are, for example, increasingly complex customer requirements, the need for health beneficial and aging-adapted designs of work as well as the organizational adaptation to changing framework conditions.  In this context, the ITA aims at (re-)designing organizations in a manner that facilitates a multi-dimensional holistic optimum regarding social, technical and economical requirements.  In this manner we integrate the strategic stakeholders of the respective organizations. Our application-oriented research fields encompass participation-oriented organizational development, process development, human resource and competency development, corporate health management, innovations management, product and service development, the management of corporate networks and sustainable corporate development as well as evaluation and accompanying scientific research.