Final project publication

InAsPro - Integrated work system design in digitalized production companies

A successful implementation of digitisation projects requires a rethinking especially in interdepartmental business processes, as digitisation affects all departments in a company and leads to manifold interactions between methods, tools and processes. This task poses a challenge for production companies and especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). A wide variety of often investment-intensive digitization technologies is available on the market. The challenge here is the targeted selection of technologies that can provide added value for the individual needs of a company. It is crucial to master these challenges in order to ensure long-term competitiveness as a company. This must be accompanied by a transformation of the organizational structures and corporate processes in which all employees are involved.

In the research project InAsPro a modular transformation concept was developed, which supports the demand-oriented implementation of digitization technologies in producing companies by means of a participatory approach. In order to enable a holistic digitization, technical as well as employee- and organization-related aspects are considered. The transformation concept is applicable to the product life cycle phases development, manufacturing, assembly and after sales and thus enables a holistic approach to the implementation of digitisation solutions. Since digitization projects are based on the existing conditions in the company, the first step is to determine the degree of digitization of the considered manufacturing company by means of the InAsPro maturity model. Based on this model, the long-term digitization goals of the company are transformed into digitization strategies. Furthermore, the user is supported in the selection of a suitable digitization technology by means of the Technology Atlas. For the concrete digitization of a work system, the transformation concept provides operative implementation recommendations. A standardized description form enables a company-specific selection and application of the implementation recommendations and thus supports the targeted implementation of a digitization technology in the work system.

The project results were published in an edited volume entitled "Demand-oriented digitization of production companies - A modular transformation concept as a practice-oriented approach" by Synnovating-Verlag.