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Digital Transformation in the Social Economy - WISO direkt Publication

2021-03-17T14:33:56+01:0017. March, 2021|Publications|

The current issue of WISO direkt addresses the specifics of the social economy compared to other economic sectors, which accordingly require a different form of digital transformation, and highlights opportunities as well as risks of digitalisation. In addition to the necessary investments in the technical infrastructure, a digital transformation also requires suitable innovation structures and cultures.

Successful completion of the ERASMUS+ project EICON

2020-11-18T12:00:37+01:00Nov 18, 2020|Projects, Publications|

Successful completion of the EICON project, in which ITA together with European partners developed approaches to improve the inclusion capacity of vocational education and training (VET) institutions using information and communication technologies (ICT). The results are now available for free use in vocational education and training institutions.

Joint project on digitisation in companies successfully completed

2020-03-27T13:59:03+01:0027. March, 2020|Projects, Publications|

A successful implementation of digitisation projects requires a rethinking especially in interdepartmental business processes, as digitisation affects all departments in a company and leads to manifold interactions between methods, tools and processes. In the research project InAsPro a modular transformation concept was developed, which supports the demand-oriented implementation of digitization technologies in manufacturing companies with the help of a participative approach. The project results have now been published in an edited volume with the title "Demand-oriented digitization of manufacturing companies - A modular transformation concept as a practice-oriented approach".

Newly published: Work 4.0 in the middle class. Opportunities and challenges of digital change for SMEs

2019-12-19T12:35:30+01:0019. December, 2019|Publications|

The book sheds light on the effects of digitisation on tomorrow's working world, which are becoming increasingly relevant in medium-sized companies. While large companies continue to drive the transition to Industry 4.0, SMEs face countless challenges in the context of the digital transformation.

Is entrepreneurial passion transferable?

2019-11-27T15:52:14+01:0027 November 2019|Publications|

Sylvia Hubner, Matthias Baum (member of the scientific steering committee of ITA) and Michael Frese investigated this question. The resulting article "Contagion of Entrepreneurial Passion: Effects on Employee Outcomes" in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ETP) also attracted the attention of Forbes. An article on 18 November this year now presents the results to a wider public.

"Human Resources Development and Industry 4.0" - contribution to the commemorative publication on the occasion of Prof. Joachim Münch's 100th birthday

2019-11-01T14:26:43+01:001 November 2019|Publications|

The book pays tribute to Prof. Joachim Münch and his work in vocational education on his 100th birthday. The ITA's contribution shows challenges and the current situation of human resource development against the background of digitization and Industry 4.0.

New publication: Human Factors for Sustainability

2019-11-01T13:58:05+01:0018. July, 2019|Publications|

This book deals with the central question of how human factors and ergonomics (HFE) might contribute to solutions for the more sustainable development of our world. The contents of the book are highly compatible with the recent political agenda for sustainable development as well as with sustainability research from other disciplines.The book aims to summarize [...]

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