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Digitisation in care - potential for better work organisation and higher job satisfaction ?

2020-01-23T10:13:43+01:0016. December, 2019|Announcements, Projects, Events|

Digitisation has become a much talked about topic in the care sector as well. The nursing profession in particular is accompanied by numerous psychological and physical stress factors. Digitisation must find answers to these stress factors and help to relieve the burden on employees. The conference on 12.03.2020 would like to give suggestions on how digitisation can support specialists and managers in the care sector to strengthen their ability to work and job satisfaction.

Project start: Evaluation of the effects of the funding principles "Work Inclusive" - WiArIn - We are In!

2020-05-22T11:07:37+02:001. December, 2019|Activities, Projects|

On 1 December 2019, a new research project will start to evaluate the effects of Baden-Württemberg's funding principles on the participation of severely disabled people in working life. The Kommunalverband für Jugend und Soziales Baden-Württemberg (KVJS) is particularly interested in providing findings on the extent to which the measures thus implemented for the labour market-oriented qualification of participants can contribute to an improved participation situation. Based on the results of this study, professional standards are to be reviewed and further developed.

Is entrepreneurial passion transferable?

2019-11-27T15:52:14+01:0027 November 2019|Publications|

Sylvia Hubner, Matthias Baum (member of the scientific steering committee of ITA) and Michael Frese investigated this question. The resulting article "Contagion of Entrepreneurial Passion: Effects on Employee Outcomes" in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ETP) also attracted the attention of Forbes. An article on 18 November this year now presents the results to a wider public.

"Human Resources Development and Industry 4.0" - contribution to the commemorative publication on the occasion of Prof. Joachim Münch's 100th birthday

2019-11-01T14:26:43+01:001 November 2019|Publications|

The book pays tribute to Prof. Joachim Münch and his work in vocational education on his 100th birthday. The ITA's contribution shows challenges and the current situation of human resource development against the background of digitization and Industry 4.0.

New publication: Human Factors for Sustainability

2019-11-01T13:58:05+01:0018. July, 2019|Publications|

This book deals with the central question of how human factors and ergonomics (HFE) might contribute to solutions for the more sustainable development of our world. The contents of the book are highly compatible with the recent political agenda for sustainable development as well as with sustainability research from other disciplines.The book aims to summarize [...]

New publication: Work and organisation in digital change

2019-11-01T13:58:35+01:0018. July, 2019|Publications|

Arbeit und Organisation im digitalen Wandel beschreibt eine mögliche Zukunft der Arbeitswelt. Dabei stehen verschiedene Möglichkeiten der Digitalisierung in den Funktionen bzw. den Prozessen sowie der Organisation als Ganzes im Mittelpunkt. Dies betrifft sowohl die Produktion als auch deren vor- und nachgelagerte Prozesse im Unternehmen, aber auch Supportprozesse anderer Einheiten, wie z. B. des Personalwesens. [...]

Appointment of Prof. Klaus J. Zink to the IEA Task Force "Future of Work

2019-10-01T12:25:13+02:007. June, 2019|Personalia|

Prof. Dr. Klaus J. Zink, scientific director of the Institute for Technology and Work e.V. at the TU Kaiserslautern, was appointed to the "Future of Work" task force of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA). The task force wants to work out an international state of the art for the change of the world of work and derive from it research needs for national or regional industrial science societies as well as the Technical Committees of the IEA.

Another high distinction for Prof. Klaus J. Zink

2019-10-01T12:25:40+02:0028. February, 2019|Personalia|

At the 65th Spring Congress of the Society for Human Factors and Ergonomics (GfA) in Dresden, Prof. Dr. Klaus J. Zink, Scientific Director of the Institute for Technology and Work at the TU Kaiserslautern and Senior Research Professor "Industrial Management and Human Factors" in the Department of Economics at the TU, was awarded honorary membership of the GfA. With this he is honoured for his outstanding achievements and merits within the GfA.

How to make vocational education and training accessible to all?

2020-05-22T11:06:43+02:004. February, 2019|Activities, Projects|

People with disabilities continue to be disproportionately excluded from the labour market Europe-wide. Vocational education and training (VET) plays a crucial role, as it acts as the joint between school education and the working world. How information and communication technologies (ICT) can be helpful in making VET more inclusive and therefore in better preparing learners for the labour market is the content of the ERASMUS+ project EICON. Project partners just met in Germany for the first of a series of several meetings to exchange good practice and to develop effective solutions.

28th ITA annual meeting: Digitisation in the Social Economy

2020-05-22T11:05:44+02:006 November 2018|Finished, Events|

Am 06.11.2018 fand im IT-Campus Kaiserslautern die 28. Jahrestagung des Instituts für Technologie und Arbeit (ITA) e.V. statt. Sie stand unter dem Motto „Digitalisierung in der Sozialwirtschaft“ und wurde veranstaltet in Kooperation mit dem Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentrum Kaiserslautern. Gleichzeitig war die Tagung eingebettet in das Wissenschaftsjahr des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) „Arbeitswelten der [...]

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