New publication: Inclusive Digital Education

2022-05-20T15:16:03+02:0020. May, 2022|Publications|

The Institute for Technology and Work (ITA), in cooperation with the Department of Pedagogy at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, prepared a report describing an overall picture of inclusive digital education and the challenges still to be solved in this context. It outlines the political context for inclusive digital education and also addresses issues of vulnerability and inclusion, provides an overview of the relevant research literature and examines thematic trends in European implementation projects and international conferences.

New book publication: Working in global supply chains

2022-05-18T21:54:33+02:002. May, 2022|Publications|

Working conditions in global supply chains and the social responsibility of principals are attracting increasing interest in civil society, politics and jurisprudence. This reader provides legal, economic and labour science basics for all those who are or will be involved in the globalisation of labour. Furthermore, it contains suggestions for the further development of science dealing with the design of work.

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